Our Services

Application Review:
If you have decided to prepare and submit your application by yourself, we can offer assistance in reviewing your completed application. Our application review service includes a 60 to 90 minutes consultation on Zoom during which we will provide you with explanation in detail on our findings and recommendations for adjustments and improvements.
In-Depth (Initial) Consultation:
  • Up to 90 minutes to discuss your background and eligibility
  • In-person, online via Zoom, or over the phone
  • Exploration and evaluation of which programs you are eligible and suitable for
  • Steps of application process
  • How to strengthen your application
  • Any concerns about your application
  • Likelihood of application approval
Full Representation:
  • Identifying a suitable immigration pathway to achieve your goal
  • Step-by-step guidance on your application
  • Preparation of your application forms and documents
  • Submission of your application to the government on your behalf
  • Correspondence with the government and immigration officers on your behalf
  • Continued updates and support after application submission
  • Advice on your next steps after you have achieved your immediate goal
Settlement Assistance:
We offer settlement assistance as our additional service. Our partners can provide settlement support including banking, real estate, job search, insurance and taxation services.
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